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How to keep drugs health

Jul 05 , 2019

Plastic pharmaceutical packaging want to ensure the safety of the drug, improve the sealing of the bottle mouth part, and increase the moisture blocking effect is crucial, which is mainly determined by the design of the sealing method. The bottle and the bottle cap cooperate with each other. The external thread and the inner thread of the cap realize the sealing of the bottle mouth. If the flat pressure seal is locked with the bottle cap, the flat surface of the bottle mouth and the inner surface of the bottle cap press the gasket to contact, thereby achieving the sealing effect. The side wall seal is with the closure of the cap, the cap will be made into a reverse cone or olive face inner plug can be separate, also integrated with the cap) on the inside of the bottle mouth The inner plug size is matched with the inner diameter of the inner diameter of the bottle mouth to seal the seal.

Whether the quality of the sealed bottle cap and the mouth of the bottle are the key to the medicinal plastic bottle. Most of the seals of oral solid medicinal plastic bottle mouths adopt electromagnetic seals with aluminum foil gaskets on duty, and the sealing effect is very good. The heat-sealed aluminum foil also has anti-counterfeiting and shows whether the bottle mouth is open.

The sealing of the bottle mouth of the medicinal plastic bottle generally adopts the side wall seal and the bottle cap as the inner plug type, and has a fine toothed connection to the anti-counterfeiting ring bridging the cover. When the medicine bottle is opened, the connecting bridge is broken, and the anti-counterfeiting ring is detached. The cap is open. The thread of the bottle mouth and the cap can be designed as a single head, double head or three heads, and the thread cross section can be designed into a semicircular shape, a triangular shape, a trapezoidal shape, etc., and the form should mainly consider the sealing property of the cap and the bottle mouth, and The opening of the screw is easy and convenient.

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