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How should cow mastitis be prevented

Jan 16 , 2019

The symptoms of mastitis in cows are inflammation of the mammary parenchyma and interstitial. The cause is mostly caused by mechanical stimulation, infiltration of pathogenic microorganisms and chemical and physical damage.

How should cow mastitis be prevented

cow mastitis syringe

The main causes of cow mastitis are as follows:

1. Environmental management factors

Environmental conditions such as cowsheds, cow beds and sports fields are muddy, too much fouling around the body and breasts, poor sanitary conditions, excessive temperatures (above 36°C) or too low (below -5°C). Milking conditions do not meet the physiological requirements of lactation, such as vacuum negative pressure is too high, too low, improperly scrub breasts and machine milking.

2, pathogen infection

So far, 150 pathogenic microorganisms have been isolated from the mammary gland of dairy cows, the most common of which are 23 species, including 14 species of bacteria, 2 species of mycoplasma, and 7 species of fungi and viruses. Among them, the highest incidence rate is Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Streptococcus. In recent years, the incidence of mastitis caused by mycoplasma and fungi has increased year by year.

3, the cow's own factors

In the milky period or the milk production is too high, the body energy is in a negative balance resistance, and the relative incidence of old cattle and multiple births is high.

4, secondary factors

In recent years, the author found that the coccidiosis of dairy cows in clinical treatment will also become the cause of cow mastitis, and it is very difficult to treat. Further postpartum infections can also lead to mastitis. To this end, the primary disease should be treated first after the diagnosis of secondary mastitis.

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