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HDPE bottle with child proof cap

Mar 08 , 2018

Who knows the origin of HDPE bottle with child proof cap ? Who knows the origin of Coca-Cola bottle? In early twentieth Century, in Indiana, there was a famous man named Chapman Ruud.One day, he went shopping with his girlfriend. The two men were walking along, and suddenly Luther said to his girlfriend:“Your feet are so beautiful today. I have an idea that if you make a bottle according to the shape of your foot skirt and sell it to the Coca Cola Co, the boss of the company will be very welcome!”Luther immediately painted a bottle design with his feet, and he applied for a patent in the patent office, and then brought it to the Coca Cola Co, Coca Cola Co decided to try out, the trial results, Coca-Cola is selling well.In 1923, Coca Cola bought the patent for Luther at $5 million 500 thousand. So you know, brand bottles need to be designed, so why do you use HDPE bottles with child resistant  cap in the market can be visible?


 HDPE bottle with child proof cap

HDPE bottle


Brand strategy is a generic strategy in pharmaceutical companies, some units are used in the bones, and some are used in the surface.Chinese people often say that a hundred years of enterprise, truly a hundred years, you can recognize him. First of all, packaging is representative. At present, the homogenization of Chinese pharmaceutical products, functional customized packaging is bound to become the leader in this battle. The only way out for pharmaceutical companies in the future is to do the only thing and make the difference. It is also the way out for HDPE bottle manufacturers.

HDPE bottle with child proof cap

pharma bottle with child proof cap

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