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Functional packaging for effervescent tablets

Oct 29 , 2018

Effervescent tube is combined with the desiccant closures protect their contents against light and moisture. The tubes are best suited for effervescent tablets, but also work with conventional or coated tablets and other solid pharmaceutical products, which can be as a functional packaging.

 Functional packaging for effervescent tablets

effervescent packaging

Xinfuda offer photorealistic printing and more legible product information are some of the advantages of the newly launched Tube packaging, according to the manufacturer of plastic packaging for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products.

Functional packaging for effervescent tablets

tube applicaion

The tube body is made of PP or PE material,this plastic material is stable, in room temperature, PE packaging bottle can store muriatic acid, orthophosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide water solution. So the tube can store many kind of tablets.

The tube cap has four parts, spring, small desiccant container with desiccant, sealing cardboard and anti-theft ring. Although the tube cap and tube body are interference fit,the tube cap is easy to open.

The spring of cap is used to protect the effervescent tablet from breaking in transit.

Functional packaging for effervescent tablets

details of desiccant caps with spring

As they are particularly susceptible to moisture, the environmental humidity of tube inside must be carefully controlled at all times.So the tube cap has desiccant, the desiccant can absorb the water of tube air to keep the tube dry. The desiccant can be choosed from silica gel or molecular sieve. But in international, the desiccant generally use silica gel,because the silica gel is more safe.

The sealing cardboard can not have decolorizer and fluorescer.

Functional packaging for effervescent tablets

printing on the tube

The anti-theft ring can protect the effervescent tube from opening by other people,so the effervescent tablet can safe.

We can also offer printing your logo or words on the tube to branding.

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