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effervescent tablet tubes densitometry

Feb 24 , 2020

The density of pharmaceutical packaging materials is generally determined by the impregnation method, that is, the density is determined according to buoyancy. Impregnation law means that the buoyancy force received by the sample in the impregnation solution at a specified temperature is equal to the product of the volume of the sample displaced by the impregnation solution and the density of the impregnation solution. The buoyancy can be obtained by measuring the mass of the sample and the mass of the sample in the macerate. This method is applicable to the determination of the density of plastic containers (materials) other than foam plastics, and can be used for qualitative identification of materials.

effervescent tablet tubes densitometry

effervescent packaging

The instrument

Scale with accuracy of 0.1mg, attached to densitometer (minimum dividing value of thermometer is 0.5°C)

Preparation and determination of test products

The test product should be placed in an environment of 23°C±2°C with relative humidity of 50%±5% for more than 4 hours, and then tested under this condition. The test product should be a task other than powder and a material without pores. The surface of the test product should be smooth, flat, no sag, clean, no crack, no air bubble and other defects. The size is suitable, and the quality of the sample should not exceed 2g.

New boiling water or other suitable liquid should be used for the macerate. The liquid that does not act with the sample can be added with lubricant if necessary, but less than 0.1% of the total volume of macerate should be used to remove small bubbles. During the test, when the test product comes into contact with the liquid, it shall have no effect on the test product. The density of macerate is generally light rain density; Water can be used when the material density is greater than 1, and anhydrous ethanol can be used when the material density is less than 1.

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