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Cyclic olefin polymerization (COP) medicinal plastic bottle - has been registered with the associated review number

Feb 02 , 2019

As a kind of new plastic material, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle of cyclic olefin polymerization is widely used in the international pharmaceutical packaging industry, but not widely used in China. Xinfuda pharmaceutical packaging is a pharmaceutical packaging enterprise producing this new material, which has obtained the associated review and registration number.

Cyclic olefin polymerization (COP) medicinal plastic bottle - has been registered with the associated review number

COP vials

Ring olefin polymer, COP is high transparency, low birefringence, low water absorption, high rigidity, high heat resistance, good vapor tightness, meet the FDA standard.

(1) low density, about 10% lower than PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) and PC (polycarbonate), which is conducive to the lightweight products;

(2) the saturated water absorption rate is small, and the water absorption rate of COC is much lower than that of PMMA. There is no effect of physical property decline caused by water absorption, and almost no water absorption.

(3) as it contains monomers with small polarity and anisotropy, it is an amorphous transparent material with small birefringence;

(4) high heat resistance in transparent resin glass transition temperature of 140 ~ 170 ℃, the glass transition temperature is the heat resistance indexes of crystal polymer,

(5) easy injection molding;

(6) excellent mechanical properties, higher tensile strength and elastic modulus than PC;

(7) excellent replication, so the product quality is high;

(8) low dielectric constant, especially good high-frequency performance, is the best thermoplastic materials of electrical properties

(9) good abrasion resistance. The hardness of COC pencil is similar to that of PMMA. Abrasion resistance is an important performance index of optical materials.

(10) the side chain of COC molecule has polar groups, which have good adhesion with inorganic and organic materials and are easy to seal.

(11) COP green plastic, the impure content is very small, so do not worry about debris analysis, suitable for semiconductor and medical device requirements;

(12) COP has good chemical resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance;

(13) COP is almost impervious to water vapor and meets the application requirements of moisture resistance.

Cyclic olefin polymerization (COP) medicinal plastic bottle - has been registered with the associated review number

the neck of cop vials

The pharmaceutical plastic bottles of cyclic olefin polymers are mainly used for high value-added drugs, and are very afraid of damage (such as lymphocyte antigens, hormone drugs, anesthetics and dosages requiring accurate items). Drugs with higher PH value (> 9); Drugs (e.g. protein-based biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.) that are easily absorbed by the glass surface; Other drugs that oxidize easily. In the process of transportation, storage and sale, the glass bottles of medicine often break. Glass and special medicines sometimes react. For drugs with high HP value, when the HP value is higher than 9, there will be a phenomenon of sheet breaking, and metal ions will be generated. The use of certain biological agents can produce adsorption phenomena on the surface of adsorption.

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