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The design principle of the anti-theft ring on the lid of the effervescent tube

Jan 19 , 2021

With technological innovation and the transformation of residents' lifestyles, effervescent tablets have become a common choice for people to supplement vitamins and enhance immunity. The effervescent tube used as a package is also more humanized and applicable in function. The security ring above is a good proof.

The design principle of the anti-theft ring on the lid of the effervescent tube

The anti-theft function of desiccant caps is relatively common on beverage bottles, mainly to remind buyers whether the beverage has been opened by others before drinking, and play a vigilant role. The anti-theft function of the effervescent tube is also based on this. The medicine bottle used as a pharmaceutical packaging is easy to be stolen. Putting the used medicine bottle into counterfeit and inferior products will cause various undesirable consequences. Therefore, in order to prevent counterfeit and inferior products from flooding the market and ensure that the quality of the contents is not maliciously damaged, most of the current bottle caps adopt anti-theft structures.

The anti-theft ring is processed by cutting the ring, and the injection molding process has the "anti-theft ring integrally formed with the bottle cap body" through the mold mechanism, but the mold cost is relatively high. The anti-theft ring on the lid of the effervescent tube is set at the bottleneck. The anti-theft ring will be stuck when the moisture-proof cover is closed. When it is opened again, the anti-theft ring will fall off automatically, which has a good anti-theft effect.

Technology is constantly improving, and the application of various technologies in packaging continues to mature. In the future, the overall design of the effervescent tube will not only be reflected on the bottle cap, but more functional designs will be continuously tapped to adapt to the ever-changing market demand.

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