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Application and characteristics of amber PET bottle

Jun 15 , 2022

Amber PET ottle is a common bottle in our life. The bottle body is a brown bottle, which has a certain degree of transparency. Where are amber bottles mainly used and what are their characteristics?

Application and characteristics of amber PET bottle

PET amber bottle

The amber PET bottle changes the original color of the raw material after adding color masterbatch to the raw material. Ordinary colorless bottles are light-transmitting. If they are used to contain light-sensitive medicines, they will easily decompose or deteriorate without adding black paper or carton jackets to block light. Brown is a special color, which can prevent the light below 465mm from passing through. The shorter the wavelength of light, the greater the base energy, and the easier it is for light-sensitive substances to undergo photochemical degradation. The light energy with a wavelength above 465mm is low, so the brown bottle can protect from light and reduce the photochemical degradation of the interior.

Bottles of this color are mainly used for packaging of oral liquid medicines. Oral liquid absorbs the technological characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine injections, and is obtained by further refining, concentrating, and filling the decoction. dosage form. This medicine cannot be exposed to light when stored, otherwise it will easily cause a certain substance in the medicine to decompose and fail, so amber bottles are selected on the packaging.

To sum up, amber PET bottles are mainly used to store light-sensitive oral liquid drugs.

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