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Supplements tablet tube

Dec 11 , 2018

Suppplement including multivitamin C and minerals effervescent tablets and other health tablets for human, now more and more supplment tablets are round shape, and in order to promote absorption, many supplements adopt effervescent tablets way, which dissolve in water. But the problem is also exist, due to the tablets will melt encounter the water.

Supplements tablet tube

effervescent packaging

plastic tube is a popular packaging for effervescents now, many manufacturer choose plastic tube to instead of aluminum tube.

Supplements tablet tube

desiccant packaging

Why supplemwnt tablet tube is round? Consider cost savings from a mathematical perspective. When the circumference is constant, the circular area is the largest, and the near circle can save raw materials, which is the reason why the round is first promoted. The aesthetic aspect is considered to be long and ugly. The habit of growing up for a long time is more in line with aesthetics. The process of manufacturing angles and plastic bottles is relatively simple. Whether it is glass or plastic, the round shape is relatively easy to make, other shapes need to be re-made, and the process is difficult to guarantee. Behavioral perspective, easy to use. The round shape matches the human body and is easy to grip.

According to the needs of the use, the shape of the plastic bottle is also various. In addition to the difference in appearance, it is designed and manufactured by different materials and uses.

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