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Xinfuda Packaging as one of Chinese packaging manufacturer, we starts from 2001, going through nearly twenty years on design, production, selling to all the word. Moisture proof packaging is the key point of our pharmaceutical packahing, COP and DPI is our new products in research field.

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How do tubes with desiccant cap keep away from moisture

Mar 12 , 2018

Xinfuda's tubes and spiral desiccant closure create an ideal package for effervescent tablets, chewables and lozenges, as well as diagnostic test strips. The packaging effectively protects products from breakage and moisture degradation, supporting shelf-life and brand appeal. 


effervescent and test strip tubes

By using a combination of different thermoplastic polymers, our tubes and desiccant closures create a tight seal between cap and tube to protect tablets from moisture ingress. 


desiccant cap types

Desiccant caps can be filled with silica gel and molecular sieve desiccant to provide the desired controlled package environment. Tubes can include 10pcs, 12pcs, 18pcs and 20pcs tablets.

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