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Xinfuda is developing with Zoetis help

Jul 07 , 2020

Shijiazhuang Xinfuda Medical Packaging Co., Ltd. has been a qualified supplier of Zoetis, the first brand of international animal protection since 2013. During the cooperation with Zoetis, we were convinced by Zoetis's strict quality management system. We are fortunate ourselves that we have the opportunity to cooperate with the first brand of international animal protection companies. In the process of our cooperation with Zoetis, we have continuously obtained Zoetis's recognition and improved our (hereinafter referred to as Xinfuda) quality system.

Xinfuda is developing


Zoetis deserves to be the No. 1 brand of international animal protection. The reason for this is that Shuo Teng not only gives us time to grow and learn, but also helps us improve our quality management level, and even sends someone to our company to guide and Training.

Xinfuda is developing

plastic veterinary syringe

In the course of this cooperation, we have mainly made improvements and qualitative leaps from the following four aspects:

1. Perfect operation process

In the same way as the product packaging method of Zoetis Cooperative, in order to ensure that the products of other customers meet the requirements of customers, we have gone through repeated tests and verifications, and finally determined the requirements of the pumping time, pumping pressure, inspection method and placement time, and finally An operation SOP has been formed, and all operators have been trained to ensure that product quality fully meets customer requirements.

Xinfuda is developing

vaccine bottle for veterinary medicine

2. Strict QA supervision and inspection system

The full name of QA is Quality Assurance, which means quality assurance. At the beginning, everyone didn't know what QA was, they only knew that they would measure the size, but in fact, our QA personnel not only need to measure the product size, monitor the stability of product quality, but also supervise and inspect the production process of the clean workshop. , Including whether the personnel's clean clothes meet the requirements, whether the personnel's operations meet the requirements, whether the hand disinfection is carried out regularly, whether the machine is cleaned on time, and whether the mechanics carry out equipment maintenance on time... Now everyone understands that QA is to pass each Various rules and regulations and supervision and inspection ensure product quality, so as to control in advance rather than afterwards.

Xinfuda is developing

workshop GMP

3. Fine site management

The on-site management has been upgraded from 5S to 6S management. The on-site items must be set and sorted in place, whether in the warehouse or the workshop, from the sampled sample to the record, standard card, as small as a small label must also be positioned , So that the operator has all the evidence to follow, put an end to confusion, and improve the level of visual management.

4. Complete CAPA cycle

CAPA is a corrective and preventive measure. The purpose of CAPA is to reduce risks and maintain the "continuous stability and improvement" of the verification status of plants, facilities, equipment, inspection instruments, production operating procedures, and inspection methods. At the time, the level of understanding of CAPA was not high, and it was not possible to deeply understand its true meaning and purpose. Through in-depth communication with Shuo Teng again and again, our current CAPA can be well implemented, effective measures are formulated, and supervision and inspection are in place , Time and time again reduce customer complaints and returns, avoiding quality accidents.

There is no best quality, only better. In the pursuit of quality, we will adhere to the principle of quality first, continuous improvement, and improve the quality management level of Xinfuda.

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