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Plastic COP vials with low protein adsorption

Jul 13 , 2018

Expensive medicine mainly need spical packaging to protect its' effectiveness, like cosmetic medicine, oncology drug, cancer drug, etc. These medicine need speical packaging to keep active effect. Many these medicine use glass vials as packaging, howerver there always some more questions troubled the medicine. Like protein adsorption, glass shards, metal ions and so on.

A new material has appeared-Cyclo Olefin Polymer, a plastic material. Plastic COP vials as a new packaging in pharmaceutical packaging, some advantages below.

Plastic COP vials with low protein adsorption

plastic COP vials

First,  High transparency.

Second, tougher break resistance.

Third, high moisture barrier.

Fourth, various sterilization.

Fifth, excellent chemical resistance with low protein adsorption.

Sixth, no metal ions precipitation.

Plastic COP vials with low protein adsorption

COP vials

COP is a high performance thermoplastic that overcomes limitations of traditional packagingmaterials with its enhanced barrier, transparency, purity and strength properties. It is an ideal material for contrast media cartridge, prefilled syringes, medicine vial and other pharmaceutical packaging applications.

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