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Ophthalmic diseases such as dry eye frequently drive market demand for eye drop bottles

Jan 27 , 2021

Dry eye disease is one of the common diseases in ophthalmology clinics. Relevant data show that the global incidence of dry eye is 5.5%-33.7%, and the incidence of dry eye in China is 21% ~ 30%. In addition, with the popularization of electronic products, glaucoma, cataracts, keratitis and other ophthalmic diseases frequently occur, stimulating the potential market of ophthalmic drugs, and thus driving the market demand for eye drop bottles.

Ophthalmic diseases such as dry eye frequently drive market demand for eye drop bottles

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Dry eye disease refers to a type of disease that causes instability of the tear film and damage to the ocular surface due to abnormalities in the quantity or quality of tear fluid, which in turn leads to ocular discomfort and visual dysfunction. The high incidence of dry eye disease seriously affects people's quality of life and work efficiency. Studies have found that genetic and environmental factors are the main factors that induce dry eye disease, of which environmental factors account for 70%, such as electronic products, air pollution, and air conditions.

In fact, it is not only dry eye disease. People’s lifestyles have undergone great changes due to the influence of electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets. The demand for eye use has soared. Due to excessive eye use and eye fatigue, glaucoma, cataracts, keratitis and other ophthalmology Diseases occur frequently. Eye drops are the most direct way to treat or alleviate eye diseases. This kind of medicine is usually packaged in a special eye drops bottle. This kind of packaging is convenient to use, small in capacity, and easy to carry. Open the cap directly when using it. Just drop the medicine into the eyeball, which can effectively relieve eye discomfort.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. With the development of technology and the change of people's lifestyles, the demand for ophthalmic treatments has intensified, and the eye drop bottles, which are commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging, will also usher in rapid market demand.

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