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Operation method of intramammary syringe for cow mastitis

Mar 05 , 2020

Breast perfusion administration is the most commonly used local administration method for treating cow mastitis at home and abroad.

The perfusion treatment method is to directly inject a medicinal solution into a diseased breast area through a perfusion tube, so that the drug directly acts on pathogenic bacteria or diseased parts in the breast area. It has the advantages of high local drug concentration, fast, efficient, simple and easy to implement. It is suitable for the treatment of various types of mastitis. However, there is a certain risk during the breast perfusion treatment. Therefore, the breast plastic syringes used must be strictly sterilized to prevent the introduction of bacteria and fungi into the breast area. If the environment-resistant pathogens are brought into the breast. It may lead to new intramammary syringe. Sometimes newly infected mastitis is even more severe and more harmful than the mastitis to be treated. To this end, intramammary syringe should be performed as follows:

Operation method of intramammary syringe for cow mastitis

5ml intramammary syringe

1. The operator wears sterilized gloves and thoroughly squeezes the milk in each milking area according to the milking procedure.

2. Soak the nipple in the medicinal bath cup or spray the nipple with the medicated bath spray gun. The medicinal solution stays on the nipple for not less than 30 seconds.

3. Use a dry, sterile towel to remove the liquid from the nipple.

4. Use 70% alcohol cotton ball to disinfect the opening of the nipple tube, and use the nipple tube opening as the center to expand the disinfection range around the nipple. When disinfecting the new nipple, pay attention to replacing the cotton ball. Do not reuse it. First disinfect the nipple far from the operator. Then disinfect the proximal nipple.

5. When injecting antibiotics, a commercial dosage form of mammary gland antibiotics should be selected. Such commodities are a drug injected into a breast area, and the front end of the pre-filled syringe has been disinfected and can be used after opening. If a syringe is used to dispense medicine, on the one hand, it is difficult to strictly sterilize the front end of the syringe, and it is easy to damage the milk duct tissue when the medicine is injected. The order of injecting medicine into the nipple tube is opposite to the order of nipple disinfection. The nipple near the operator is injected first, and then the distal nipple is injected. The needle mouth of the special breast perfusion syringe is inserted through the opening of the nipple tube, and the needle mouth should not be inserted too deep in order to expand the contact area of the medicinal solution and the nipple tube mucosa.

6. Push the medicine into each breast area. Before the medicine is injected, the needle mouth of the injection needle should be properly protected from contamination to ensure the sterility of the needle mouth. After the injection, do not massage the nipple to disperse the drug, but massage the breast to increase the distribution of the drug in the breast.

Therefore, the use of breast plastic syringes has an ideal therapeutic effect, and it has become a simple and effective method of drug administration for treating cow mastitis at home and abroad.

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