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Measuring method of appearance size of pill bottle

Jun 28 , 2021

Plastic pill bottles are commonly used packaging for dispersible tablets, sustained-release tablets and other drugs. Due to the different precision of packaging equipment, different raw materials and process parameters, the appearance and dimensional accuracy changes will also be different. Therefore, it is an indispensable job to measure the appearance size of the package. The measurement items include the following aspects:

Measuring method of appearance size of pill bottle

child proof bottle

1. Overall diameter size

The measuring method is to use the measuring surface of the vernier caliper to touch the measurement point of the maximum outer diameter of the tablet bottle body, tighten the vernier caliper, and then rotate the plastic bottle 360 degrees, and record the maximum and minimum dimensions, and the error should be controlled Within the range of O.10mm.

2. Overall height size

The so-called overall height of the bottle refers to the vertical distance from the mouth of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle. The test method is to place the tablet and medicine bottle on a horizontal surface, touch one end of the vernier caliper to the highest point of the bottle mouth, and then rotate the bottle 360 degrees , Read the maximum and minimum size values, and check whether they are consistent with the size of the design drawing.

3. The wall thickness of each part

For a circular revolving bottle, cut the measuring area of the symmetrical part with a knife so that the measuring tool can enter the detection point where each part of the bottle can be measured. At this time, the thickness of the plastic bottle mouth and the thickness of the shoulder can be measured. , The thickness of the body and the symmetrical part of the bottom of the bottle are strictly measured, and the maximum and minimum are recorded, and compared with the unplanned drawings of the bottle product, check whether the dimensional tolerances are within the standard requirements.

4. Outer diameter of mouth

The specific measurement method is to put the measuring tool scale across the center of the bottle mouth, avoiding the position of the bottle body parting line, the main shaft is close to the mouth thread, and the round bottle mouth is rotated 360 degrees to measure the maximum and minimum values. , And compare it with the design drawing of the bottle body, its outer diameter error should be controlled within the range of plus or minus O.10mm.

It should be noted that the tablets and HDPE pill bottles produced with the same equipment, the same raw materials and procedures should be stored in a constant temperature room (23℃±2℃) for a certain period of time before being measured. Appearance measurement is performed on the reference size.

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