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The innovative design of oral liquid bottle cap

Aug 01 , 2022

The cap is an important part of the medicinal plastic bottle, which mainly plays the role of sealing. With the continuous changes in market demand, the functionality of the cap is also more diversified. For example, the oral liquid bottle cap adopts an innovative design on the basis of airtightness, so that it has the function of preventing children from opening, reducing the risk of children ingesting medicines by mistake.

The innovative design of oral liquid bottle cap 

28mm child resistant  cap for liquid medicine

Oral liquid is a sterile or semi-sterile oral liquid, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine decoction, extracts the active ingredients in the drug, adds flavoring agents, bacteriostatic agents and other additives, and is processed by filling and sealing injection ampoules. Liquid preparations. The pharmaceutical packaging is generally dominated by plastic bottles or glass bottles, and the lids are mostly ordinary plastic bottle caps. In order to improve the sealing performance, aluminum foil gaskets are used to seal.

Oral liquid tastes better and is easily accepted by patients, especially children. However, children are in the growth and development period and are full of curiosity about many things. It is easy to mistake the oral liquid for a drink, resulting in accidental ingestion. The press-and-screw oral liquid bottle cap adopts an inner and outer double-layer structure. It cannot be opened only by rotating the cap. It must be rotated while pressing down to open. Such an opening method involves the simultaneous application of force in two different directions, which is difficult for children, which can prevent them from easily opening the package in a short period of time and avoid accidental ingestion of medicines.

Rotational medicine caps are not only used in the packaging of liquid preparations, but are also widely used in solid pharmaceutical plastic bottles such as tablets and capsules. The functionality of the lid is well used.

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