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High-density polyethylene bottles with moisture-proof function

Mar 21 , 2024

During the production, packaging and transportation of pharmaceuticals, maintaining drug quality and stability is crucial. Solid pharmaceutical desiccant, as an important component of HDPE moisture-proof bottles, plays a key role. It is not only a simple additive, but also an important guarantee for maintaining the stability of medicines during storage and preventing moisture, mildew and other adverse situations from occurring.

Requirement of desiccant for tablet medicine bottle

50ml pharma desiccant bottle

1. Key guarantees for internal moisture-proofing:

When medicines become damp, their chemical composition will often change, affecting their efficacy or even making them ineffective. Therefore, internal moisture-proofing is the key to ensuring drug quality. Solid pharmaceutical desiccant effectively reduces the humidity in pharmaceutical containers by absorbing moisture in the air and prevents pharmaceuticals from getting damp. This internal moisture-proof function enables the medicine to maintain its original quality and stability during storage and use, ensuring the effectiveness of the medicine.

2. Maintain drug stability:

Many drugs are very sensitive to humidity and moisture. Excessive humidity may cause degradation, deterioration or even failure of the drug. Solid pharmaceutical desiccant can effectively control the humidity in pharmaceutical moisture-proof bottles and provide a dry environment for drugs, thereby extending the stability and shelf life of drugs. This is particularly important for pharmaceuticals that require long-term storage, especially in hot and humid climates, where solid pharmaceutical desiccants are indispensable.

3. Prevent mildew and other undesirable conditions:

In addition to the degradation and failure of drugs due to moisture, humidity may also provide a suitable environment for the growth of mold and bacteria, leading to mold and other undesirable conditions in drugs. The function of solid medicinal desiccant is to reduce the humidity in medicinal moisture-proof bottles, effectively prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, thereby ensuring the purity and safety of medicines.

Desiccant bottle characteristics

desiccant bottle with silica gel

As an important component of HDPE moisture-proof bottles, solid pharmaceutical desiccant plays an important role in the storage and use of pharmaceuticals.

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