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Chewable tablet tube

Dec 12 , 2018

Chewable tablet tube is the same as effervescent tablets packaging,due to its moisture proof function.

"Dry liquid preparation" - effervescent tablets came into being, it gathered the essence of ordinary oral tablets and liquid preparations and made up for the deficiency of both, becoming a new type of dosage that consumers love. The predecessor forms of oral effervescent tablets are foamed soda, foaming tablets, effervescent, effervescent infusion and topical effervescent tablets.

Chewable tablet tube

chewable tablet tube

Chewable tablets are easy to get wet products, so there are certain requirements for packaging. What are the characteristics of effervescent tubes at present? Significant features of chewable tablet tube: 

1. Anti-counterfeiting - A unique printing method that completely eliminates fraudulent use of labeling and fraud, protects the company's interests and reputation, and reduces the cost of corporate fraud. 

2. Safety - Install desiccant on the effervescent bottle cap to prevent accidental eating and misuse, and to ensure user safety. 

Chewable tablet tube

desiccant packaging

3. Advertising - Color printing is colorful, the label color is more vivid, friction resistant and smooth. Invisibly improve the product grade of the enterprise, highlighting the strength of the enterprise and playing a good advertising role. 

4, save money - reduce equipment investment for enterprises, reduce employment, save energy by more than 70%.

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