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Child resistant caps for oral dosage forms

Apr 07 , 2024

In the home medicine cabinet, safe storage of medications is crucial to prevent children from ingesting them. Because of their curiosity and desire to explore, children often try to open a variety of containers, including pharmaceutical packaging. In order to reduce this risk, many oral preparations adopt an inner and outer double-layer structure design, which increases the difficulty of opening, thereby effectively protecting children from accidental ingestion of drugs.

The innovative design of oral liquid bottle cap 

28mm child resistant  cap for liquid medicine

Solid dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules, often attract the attention of children because of their variety of shapes and colors. Children may mistake these medicines for toys or candy and try to open and ingest them. In this case, the role of child proof caps for oral dosage forms is particularly important. It makes it more difficult for children to open medicine packaging, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidental ingestion. On the other hand, liquid preparations such as oral solutions and syrups usually taste sweeter and are more likely to be mistaken for drinks by children. If the packaging of this type of medicine does not have child-proof functions, it will greatly increase the risk of children accidentally ingesting it.

Child-resistant closures are suitable not only for solid dosage forms but also for liquid dosage forms, demonstrating their wide range of applications. At the same time, it is also compatible with packaging made of two different materials, glass bottles and plastic bottles, providing more choices for pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers.

Overall, child resistant caps for oral dosage forms are a simple and effective solution that reduce the risk of children ingesting medications by making it more difficult to open pharmaceutical bottle caps. When choosing pharmaceutical packaging, we should pay attention to whether it has this safety function, so as to provide a safer growing environment for our children.

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