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Application of COP vial in high pH value drug

Jul 11 , 2022

The stability of pharmaceuticals is closely related to the properties of the packaging materials, such as hardness, transparency, dissolution, chemical resistance, etc., which is particularly important for pharmaceuticals in storage. COP vial is a commonly used packaging for high value-added drugs, and its "confidence" also comes from its own good characteristics.

 Application of COP vial in high pH value drug

5ml COP vial

Application of COP vial in high pH value drug

100ml COP injection vial

Initially, high pH drugs will choose glass as the packaging form, but the main component of glass is silicon dioxide, which is easy to react with glass during drug storage, resulting in glass delamination, which has a significant impact on the safety of drugs, and even Pharmaceutical companies also have to bear high recall costs.

COP is a cyclic olefin polymer. This raw material has very high transparency. The tensile strength and elastic modulus of the material are higher than those of PC, and it has good mechanical properties. In terms of temperature resistance, COP finished products are stable in the environment of -196°C - +121°C. Excellent chemical resistance, can tolerate drugs with a pH value greater than 10, and will not be delaminated when filling alkaline drugs, which plays a crucial role in the safety of drugs. The safety of drugs in special environments such as cells can also be guaranteed. In addition, it also has low protein adsorption and water vapor barrier properties, which can reduce the impact of packaging and external environment on drugs.

COP vial can provide complete safety protection for drugs with high pH, protect the safety and stability of drugs within the validity period, and avoid packaging problems that affect drug effects.

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