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Jun 04 , 2019

In order to ensure the quality of our products, our company has established a quality ma nagement system in accordance with the requirements of international standards, documented it, integrated implementation, maintained and continued improvement.


2. Resource Management

a) Train and educate the organization personnel to ensure the necessary capabilities of the personnel who influence product compliance work

b) High-precision injection molding machine, Japanese ASB injection stretch blowing equipment and increasing automation equipment to ensure that the equipment meets product requirements

c) Class D purification workshop, reasonable partition and mechanism control provide a qualified environment for products

3. Product Realization

Product realization is consistent with other process requirements of the quality management system

1) Each product of Xinfuda has quality goals and requirements

2) Each product has a process, documentation, and resource requirements

3) The required verification, confirmation, insight, measurement and experiment, and acceptance specifications for the product can be checked

4) Each has a record, so that the action can be repeated