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Xinfuda Packaging as one of Chinese packaging manufacturer, we starts from 2001, going through nearly twenty years on design, production, selling to all the word. Moisture proof packaging is the key point of our pharmaceutical packahing, COP and DPI is our new products in research field.

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Why Effervescent Tablets Containers Use Desiccant Closure

Nov 28 , 2017

Effervescent tablet container is made of moisture proof tamper closure and desiccant tube, which with injection molding process of production. Effervescent vitamin tablet and chew have a higher requirement for food packaging. Ordinary tablet can not have obvious effects compared with effervescent tablets, effervescent tablet need dry environment for a long expiration date.

Why Effervescent Tablets Use Desiccant Tube

effervescent tablet containers

Effervescent tablets container marked characteristics:

Anti-fake label-unique way of printing, to completely eliminate the use of labeling fraud, ensure the company's interests and reputation, reduce company cost impact.

Safety-install the desiccant in effervescent tablet containers lid, put an end to eating, misuse, and to ensure the safety of users.

Advertising - color printing packaging for colorful, the label color is more bright-coloured, rubbing. Virtually raised the enterprise products, enterprise strength, good advertising effect.

Why Effervescent Tablets Use Desiccant Tube

desiccant tube

Save money - for enterprises to reduce equipment investment, reduce the labor, save energy more than 70%.

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