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  • 96mm  PH Test Strip Tube Y003
  • 96mm  PH Test Strip Tube Y003
96mm  PH Test Strip Tube Y00396mm  PH Test Strip Tube Y003

96mm PH Test Strip Tube Y003

    Size: Hight: 96mm Diameter:38mm

    Material: PP Tube & PE cap

    Cap: Desiccant cap 

    Desiccant Composition: Silica gel, molecular sieve or the mixture

    Certificate: ISO9001:2008  DMF

    PH test strip tube is made of tube and desiccant cap, desiccant cap contain silica-gel desiccant. Silica-gel desiccant is the only one meet food and through FDA and healthy for human. Silica-gel desiccant can keep test strip away from moist and stay in a dry storage. Teststrip packaging is mainly used in blood sugar test ,lab test, urine test and PH test. 

Glucose tablets packaging 84mm

1.The desiccant finished product has a 

moisture content lower than 2%.

2.Desiccant saturated moisture 

absorption between 24% and 26%

 3.Maintain good preservation of the drug

lube syringe 10mlGlucose tablets packaging 84mm

1.Sealing test: Sealed negative pressure 

instrument, under 40Kpa, 2minutes

2.Result: There's no water in the bottle 

or there's no bubbles

lube syringe 10ml

Glucose tablets packaging 84mm          

1.Germany imported automatic 

desiccant filling equipment

2.Dose precision is more conducive 

to control, batch product stability

lube syringe 10ml

Glucose tablets packaging 84mm

1.Printing: Custom calibrations,

decorating, and labeling available

2.Filling way: From tip or bottom on 

the tube is ok, which can meet 

pipeline filling with machine

96mm  PH Test Strip Tube Manufacturer Y003