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What Factors Affect the Transparent of PET Bottle

Jun 28 , 2018

PET bottle is the representative of the transparent packaging, which is the most extensive plastic packaging. PET plastic oral liquid bottles can be used for edible oil, spices, alcohol, drugs, cosmetics, liquid detergent and other chemical product packaging. While PET solid tablets bottle can be used in pills,tablets and capsules. However, there have some factors influences on transparent PET bottles.

What Factors Affect the Transparent of PET Bottle

transparent PET bottle

First is that the moisture content of materials. Raw materials must be dried before producing. Mostly the drying temperature is 160 ℃, it will not become wet if always staying in the air for dried materials.

Second is the parison wall to save. Parison wall to save will affect transparency of bottle production directly. The reason is that the size of the wall to save directly affect the bottle preform mold cooling process under the condition of low temperature, can increase some appropriate deposit the wall, and vice will wall thickness decrease.

Third is the effect of melt flow rate. When the bottom of the parison of burning mouth more trickle way more narrow, Melt flow by scratching at the mouth of the speed will increase, this will promote is not far from scratch mouth obvious crystallization phenomenon, which appear on the outside of produce a opacifying layer.

Fourth is the melt viscosity, at the same melting temperature will directly affect the melt viscosity of the resin.

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