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Xinfuda Packaging as one of Chinese packaging manufacturer, we starts from 2001, going through nearly twenty years on design, production, selling to all the word. Moisture proof packaging is the key point of our pharmaceutical packahing, COP and DPI is our new products in research field.

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How to choose moisture proof container

Jun 12 , 2019

In the international use of a strong professional characteristics, the overall bottle with the lid with the seal is extremely important for the protection of effervescent tablets moisture.The selection of qualified packaging is critical for effervescent producers.In addition to the key performance seal, moisture proof container has the following points to note:

How to choose moisture proof container

packaging for effervescent tablets

1, appearance: uniform color, no damage, no oil, with good

2, desiccant moisture content: less than 4. 8%.

3, anti-drop: the desiccant must not be spilled.

4, cardboard: water content less than 6%, no fluorescence reaction, heavy metals less than 5 parts per million.

5, dissolution: heavy metals, easy to oxides, non-volatile matter.

6, microorganisms: bacteria less than 1000, less than 100 mold yeast, Escherichia coli can not be detected.

7, abnormal toxicity shall not be detected.

Effervescent bottle is a very important part-Spring cover, spring cover is the most common international effervescent tube cover, its structure for the mold design has high requirements, even in some countries can not production, in the domestic real qualified suppliers, is also extremely rare. Its spring portion can well cushion the impact during transport by protecting brittle effervescent tablets will not be damaged.

The selection of high quality effervescent tablets bottle also need to analyze the strength of the manufacturer, equipment, comprehensive quality, etc., high scores of enterprise product quality and stability, but also to help your products in the competition more smoothly.

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