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Effervescent tubes should pay attention to those points in design and production

Oct 17 , 2019

Nowadays, plastic pharmaceutical bottles are used more and more widely, and the products in the market are not in the same level. Due to the speciality of the medicine, if the packaging is improperly used, it may cause damage to the medicine and affect the use. Therefore, it should be more in the design and production of the effervescent tube. What are the points?

Effervescent tubes should pay attention to those points in design and production

effervescent tube

1. We should try our best to ensure the function of resisting external force during production, mainly because various forms of handling and transportation are needed after the production of medical bottles is completed. In order to avoid the harm of pharmaceutical packaging during transportation and storage, The corresponding standards should be met.

2. The effervescent tubes should have a certain display function when it is produced. We can achieve the purpose of attracting customers through the aspects of shape, color and smoothness in the production process, and stimulate the customer's desire to purchase.

3. The problem of surface printing of effervescent packaging, we should ensure that we can provide customers with corresponding display functions when performing surface printing.

4. The biggest role of the effervescent tablet packaging is to help consumers to use it easily, so we should design the opening of the bottle of the medical bottle to ensure easy opening, and to achieve multiple opening and closing. When designing the design of medical bottle products, we should ensure the anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft design on the bottle mouth.

5. The effervescent tube can be designed with different shapes when designing the surface. We can design the middle part of the bottle as thin as possible, and add grooves and ribs on the surface, so that it can be used for medicine. The rigidity and flexibility of the bottle are improved; if the rib or groove is designed, the longitudinal design is adopted, so that the medicine bottle can be prevented from sagging or deforming.

6. When designing the medical bottle, it should ensure that the wall thickness is sufficiently uniform, and it should also ensure that the symmetry requirement is satisfied on the appearance of the bottle body, so as to avoid inconvenience to the surface printing.

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